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Heyd Fontenot Contemplating ApedomTHE TEXAS MONKEY PROJECT

A Benefit for Primarily Primates
A sanctuary providing rehabilitation, retirement, and lifetime care to over 600 primates, including chimpanzees and monkeys formerly used in the entertainment industry, the Air Force astronaut program, laboratory research, and the exotic pet trade.

Featuring the work of Helen Altman, Sharon Bright, D’Ette Cole, Steve Dubov, Heyd Fontenot, Faith Gay, Traci Goudie, Melissa Grimes, Rachel Koper, Christia Madacsi,
Edmund Martinez, Michael Sieben, Karen Sorensen, and
Andrew Yates.

Some original works of art and limited edition prints are still available for purchase. Please click on the Gallery page to find out more! T-shirts are available, too!

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THE MONKEY PROJECT: Stories from a Sanctuary

Danger Dog Films is pleased to announce the release of "The Money Project: Stories from a Sanctuary."
In August of 2005, The Texas Monkey Project art show and sale raised money and awareness for Primarily Primates, an animal sanctuary located in Boerne, Texas. The Monkey Project: Stories from a Sanctuary follows the group of participating artists on their trip to Primarily Primates, and features three of the artists who reveal their work and illuminate the stories behind the sanctuary's inhabitants. Artist Heyd Fontenot examines the sanctuary's most famous chimpanzee, Oliver, the "Missing Link." Photographer Traci Goudie introduces viewers to the beloved orangutan, Punkin, and explores the deep connections we make with animals. Painter Rachel Koper looks at the impact of environmental degradation on the natural habitat of squirrel monkeys.

The 24-minute film is an unforgettable glimpse into the lives of these fascinating animals and the capacity of art to teach and inspire.

Commercial distribution of the documentary is available through John McLean Media.
To purchase a DVD, click on the Contact page for more information.