5 Endangered Species of Monkey
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5 Endangered Species of Monkey from Indonesia

5 Endangered Species of Monkey, the monkey and ape species on earth are in big trouble. 60% of these primate species including monkeys and apes are threatened with extinction and half are in critical numbers due to the sharp decline in population according to research by Paul Garber.

The increasing number of the human population on earth is one of the causes of the endangerment of this species. Habitat loss due to illegal logging, mining and agriculture, hunting, animal trading, and climate change are the main reasons for the rapid decline in species.

5 Endangered Species of Monkey
5 Endangered Species of Monkey from Indonesia

Indonesia is a country known for its tropical forests which are rich in biodiversity. It makes Indonesia become home to 12% of the world’s mammals. However, in the past 20 years, Indonesia has always had problems related to forests.

This never-ending forest problem causes many animal species to be endangered. Monkey species are also not immune to this threat. Here are 6 monkey species from Indonesia that are endangered:

  1. Javan Gibbon

The Javan gibbon is a primate endemic to Java. This monkey has no tail, a small head, white eyebrows, black face, thick gray hair all over, and has a sitting pad. The distribution of the Javan gibbon itself is now centered in national parks and protected forests.

  1. Kekah Natuna

Kekah Natuna is a rare animal originating from Natuna Island. This monkey is spread over several habitats and mountains. But unfortunately, there are no conservation areas in these islands, so the threat of extinction of this population is getting higher. Because of their cute morphology, many are hunting to be kept and collected.

However, due to the high market demand and selling price of this species, the caretaker’s negligence in providing food causes this monkey to die in the process. In addition, kekah natuna is a species that is easily stressed and depressed.

  1. The Dwarf Tarsius

The Dwarf Tarsius is a tiny monkey from Central Sulawesi. The body length of this monkey is only about 15 cm and weighs only about 80 grams. Another unique characteristic of tarsiers is the size of their very large eyes. The size of the eyes is bigger than the size of the brain.

In addition, the tarsier’s head can also rotate 180 degrees like an owl. So that the tarsier is also nicknamed the ghost animal or ghost monkey. This monkey can jump 3 meters from one tree to another. Exactly, 80 years after it was declared extinct, this monkey was again found in 2008.

5 Endangered Species of Monkey
5 Endangered Species of Monkey from Indonesia
  1. Simakobu

Simakobu is the local name given to this pig-tailed monkey by local residents. This monkey is a primate endemic to Mentawai Island. These monkeys live in small groups consisting of 1 male, 1 or more females, and several chicks.

The male Simakobu can make a loud sound that will be heard up to a distance of 500 meters. This monkey has a pig-like tail with a length of approximately 15 cm. The factors that cause this primate to be endangered are habitat loss, land-use change, poaching, and the trade of primates for pets and collections.

  1. Yaki

The Yaki Monkey is an endemic animal originating from North Sulawesi. This monkey is characterized by its jet black body and crested hair on its head.

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