5 Region of Southeast
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5 Region of Southeast Asia Which is a Monkey Habitats

5 Region of Southeast Asia Which is a Monkey Habitats. Monkey habitats are very easy to find in regions that have a tropical climate. Several countries on this earth have a tropical climate in the region, but most of the countries in the Southeast Asian region have this tropical climate.

There are so many types of monkeys that can be found in this region. Whether you find it in poker online tourist attractions or forest areas. But of course, monkeys in the forest are more dangerous than tourist attractions because they are not tame. Therefore, you should be careful when meeting them when exploring the forests in the region of these countries.

If you intend to go on an adventure to see monkeys directly in this region, there are 5 recommended countries that you can go to in this Southeast Asian region. In addition to monkey species that are still safe, here you can also see several groups of endangered species of monkeys, so there are several programs to prevent their extinction.

5 Region of Southeast
5 Region of Southeast


The country of Indonesia is a country with a tropical climate that also has quite a lot of tropical forests. These locations are often the place of the monkey habitats. Besides monkeys, here you can also find various types of animals that are interesting to see and observe. Such as dragons, birds, to tigers.

5 Region of Southeast
5 Region of Southeast


The country of Vietnam is the location of the habitat of the langur monkeys. The langur monkeys are unique to other monkeys, where their legs are red. Sometimes, the surrounding community calls them red-legged monkeys. Unfortunately, the existence of this monkey in a state of near extinction is declared as a protected animal.

5 Region of Southeast
5 Region of Southeast


The Philippines is also one of the places of monkey habitat in Southeast Asia. The monkey species that can be found here are tarsius. Besides in the Philippines, this animal is also spread in several regions in Indonesia.

Tarsius have a different shape than most other monkeys, namely their small body size and large eye size. This animal is also nocturnal.


In this country, you can find swarms of pig-tailed monkeys or also often called Simakobu. Interestingly, recently there was news that this animal had evolved by eating mice in addition to eating fruits, plants, and seeds that are usually often eaten by monkeys.

Apart from Malaysia itself, these animals can also be found in neighboring Indonesia, especially in the western regions. These monkeys usually live in areas of swamp forest or lowland forest.


You can find black crested gibbon species here, precisely in Bokeo Province. This monkey has a characteristic form of the black crest on their heads. Also, there are differences in color that indicate differences in their sex. The males are marked in black, while the females are marked in gold.

So that’s him 5 regions in Southeast Asia which became monkey habitats. By visiting these places, then you can meet various types of monkeys directly and see their current development. If you also care about their whereabouts, of course, you can help the conversion there too later.

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