• Tailed Monkey Habitats
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    the Monkey Habitats to Avoid the Monkey Extinction!

    the Monkey Habitats to Avoid the Monkey Extinction!. Maintaining monkey habitats should be done well. As we know that Monkeys often interact with humans through various activities. Among them, monkeys are used as laboratory animals and circus animals. With so many events like that, it makes monkeys misused. Not even a few of them were forcibly captured from their habitat. Not a few impacts from this activity will cause death in large numbers for monkeys. Monkeys are almost extinct due to habitat conversion Lots of hunters who catch monkeys from their habitat without compassion and do not care about its sustainability. Not only that, but the conversion of the habitat…

  • 5 Region of Southeast
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    5 Region of Southeast Asia Which is a Monkey Habitats

    5 Region of Southeast Asia Which is a Monkey Habitats. Monkey habitats are very easy to find in regions that have a tropical climate. Several countries on this earth have a tropical climate in the region, but most of the countries in the Southeast Asian region have this tropical climate. There are so many types of monkeys that can be found in this region. Whether you find it in poker online tourist attractions or forest areas. But of course, monkeys in the forest are more dangerous than tourist attractions because they are not tame. Therefore, you should be careful when meeting them when exploring the forests in the region of…

  • Mandrill Monkey Facts
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    Mandrill Monkey Facts

    Monkeys and apes are one of the most unique mammals in the world. These animals somehow have a relation with our ancient ancestors, the primordial men. Well, that based on the scientists’ point of view, such as Charles Darwin that assumed humans in ancient times were apes. There are a lot of ape and monkey facts we should know. However, today’s topic will be different. This article will be specific to discuss a rare kind of monkey. To be honest, this monkey is too unique to not be talking about. Because of that, in this article, we will talk about the facts of Mandrill monkeys. Facts about Mandrill monkey’s physical…

  • The Interesting Monkey
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    Chimpanzees Need Our Help

    Chimpanzees will be no more in 2200 if we do not save them from now. They are still family members of primates. Africans fry them and eat them as food. They are endangered in several countries including Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Congo, Rwanda, and other African countries. Hunters get a lot of money if they can hunt them down every day. Some small circus even use them as circus animal. They have to work hard otherwise they do not get food to eat. We almost cannot see them alive in jungle or deep forest. Government will not stop this tragedy. It must be people like us who have good heart to save…

  • orang utan
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    Orang utan Needs Our Help

    Orang utans live in Indonesia and some areas in South East Asia and Africa. Sadly, hunters kill them every day for ridiculous reason. They think that orang utans are pest. They want to clean forest from orang utans. Hunters are paid by businessmen and known by local government to butcher them. In Indonesia, the amount of this endangered animal decreases very dramatically year after year. The local government seems do nothing to stop the massacre. They think that orang utans must be killed so that people can have oil palm plantation more and more and more. There are only few organizations that really care about orang utans. Each organization…

  • monkey
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    Monkeys Need Our Help

    Monkeys will be gone forever if do not take action to save them. Day after day, time passed away, their existence is fading like a flower. Some people care about it but some others do not. Human beings are very powerful. We can save their lives by donating our money or energy for monkeys rehabilitation and conservation. Save them before it is too late. Food chain has to be wholly. We cannot let them extinct. It is our duty to keep life in good harmony. Monkeys are vulnerable to die Monkeys are vulnerable to die. Hunters kill them almost every day. They eat monkey meat, monkey brain and monkey infant.…