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Let’s Introduce to Monkeys: 4 Things of Monkey Habitats

Let’s Introduce to Monkeys: 4 Things of Monkey Habitats. A monkey is a term of the primate members belonging to the smart animal category. It has 264 types of monkeys in the world. Almost all monkey species are living in the subtropical and tropical climates. A monkey is a very smart animal where it learns anything like a human. It learns about using eating tools, brushing teeth, and many more. The monkey habitats are easily found in the forest or jungle.

The Grouping of Monkey 

A monkey grouping is a paraphyletic feature. It is because the old world monkey is closer to the genetic relationship to the ape than a new world monkey. The monkey from a different category is rather different.

Let’s Introduce to Monkeys
Let’s Introduce to Monkeys

Monkey’s Classification 

Before knowing the monkey habitats, it is great to know the monkey’s classification first. It is essential to know everything about the monkey. Kingdom is Animalia, Filum is Chordata, Mammalia Class, Primata Ordo, and Haplorrhini Subordo.

Let’s Introduce to Monkeys
Let’s Introduce to Monkeys

The Size of Monkey

The next thing is about the monkey’s size. It has various monkey sizes with different characters. The smallest monkey is the type of Pygmy Marmoset in which the body length is 4.6 to 6 inch and the weight is only 3 to 5 ounces. The biggest monkey is Baboon with the body length and size reaching 3.6 meters and the weight is 80 lbs.

Let’s Introduce to Monkeys
Let’s Introduce to Monkeys

Monkey’s Habit 

The next thing is about the monkey’s habit. The monkey can adapt to different conditions depending on their habitat. Most of the monkeys are acting to Arboreal but some are terrestrial. Arboreal refers to a feature living in the trees. Arboreal animals are most of the animals living their time on the bush and trees. Meanwhile, terrestrial means to be related to the land or soil surface. The terrestrial is the animals living on the soil and land such as tigers, lions, and many more.

Foods of the Monkey

What is the main food of the monkey? It seems to steal your interest to know it. You may only know the monkey’s food to be bananas. However, it eats some foods such as fruits, grass, eggs, leaves, insects, and bugs depending on its species.

Monkey’s Communication Ways 

What is another thing to learn about a monkey? It is about communication. The monkey uses vocalization, facial expression, and body movements to communicate with the other monkeys. Communicating ways are very smart and easy to understand.

Monkey’s Habitat 

The last thing about the monkey is its habitats. Talking about the monkey will refer to the forest and jungle for its habitat. The old world monkeys are mostly living in Africa and Southern Asia. The monkeys are found in the rainforest, Stepa islands, mountains, and Sabana. It depends on its species and population. A new world monkey group is located in Middle and South America except for mountainous areas with high height. It is possibly found in the rainforest often found in tropical countries. Monkey habitats of the old category are often found in Indonesia especially its rainforests all around the area of Indonesia.

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