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Monkeys as a Pet – Why Not!

Monkeys can be good a food pet. They are really nice and lovely. They can do what human can do. It will be different from having dogs as a pet. It feels like you have a pet that feels like family member. They really are similar to human. They can smile, laugh, cry, make jokes, dance, read books, ride a bike and do karate. They also smell better than a dog. You can also put clothes on them.

For centuries, Japanese people playing have them as a loyal pet. Monkeys are easy to take care of. They can live, sleep, eat, and drink like we do. You can have white monkeys also. Japan has many white monkeys. You need some permission to have one of them as a pet. This species is very unique. Scientists say that their ancestors were white rats. They love warm water to take a bath. They love peace.


Monkeys as a Pet

They have white fur and red face. They really look like human. They love smoking and drink sake while taking a bath. You ca message them softly to keep them relaxed. They do not bite. They are peaceful and calm. They do not stink. You can give talc to their bodies for better odor. Moreover, you can make them be friends with your kids.

Monkeys are not dangerous as long as you love them and train them as early as possible. They like to treat like your child. Tell them that you love them every day. Give them warm hugs every day. You can also sleep with them. They will not poop on your bed if you train them not to do so. In the morning, do some sport with them. Some say that having monkeys as a pet is more interesting than having a dog.


You can also create a community for monkey lovers. Tell the world that people must live them. Our life will be colorful if animals still live with us in one planet. Let our future generation see them alive. Animals can help food chain works properly. We must not let them extinct. It is our duty as the best creature living to protect other creatures from extinction. They will thank you if they can speak like we do. Love them as we live with them in the same place, earth. If you are rich enough, you can build facilities for monkeys conservation and rehabilitation. We cannot depend on government. We can co-operate to help monkeys run for their lives. Be kind as we are one.

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