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    Let’s Introduce to Monkeys: 4 Things of Monkey Habitats

    Let’s Introduce to Monkeys: 4 Things of Monkey Habitats. A monkey is a term of the primate members belonging to the smart animal category. It has 264 types of monkeys in the world. Almost all monkey species are living in the subtropical and tropical climates. A monkey is a very smart animal where it learns anything like a human. It learns about using eating tools, brushing teeth, and many more. The monkey habitats are easily found in the forest or jungle. The Grouping of Monkey  A monkey grouping is a paraphyletic feature. It is because the old world monkey is closer to the genetic relationship to the ape than a…

  • Long-Tailed Monkey

    6 Interesting Monkey Facts That You Should Know

    6 Interesting Monkey Facts That You Should Know. Monkey is a term of all primate members, not a prosimian. It lives in the old or new world. Almost all monkey species live in tropical or subtropical climates. It is an animal that can sit or stand. Monkeys usually have a smaller size. It is known to learn and use tools to get food. Monkey has a longer tail. It is a social animal-loving group. It has skills in running, jumping, and being a smart animal. These are some monkey facts that can be known. Monkey Is Always Peeling The Banana Skin  Bananas are the main food of monkeys. Those are…

  • Tailed Monkey Habitats

    Tailed Monkey Habitats

    Long-Tailed Monkey Habitats. Monkeys are one of the most animals in the world that people want to keep them as a pet. There is one kind of monkey that we usually meet mostly, they are the long-tailed monkey, or Macaca fascicularis in the scientific name. They are the common species in the Asia continent. The long-tailed monkey habitats adaptability is quite unique. So, no wonder why they can be everywhere and live anywhere. We usually know this monkey as the naughtiest creature around. So, because of that, in this article, we will be talking about Macaca monkey that commonly we see wherever we go. Physical appearance and habits Long-tailed monkey or Macaca…

  • Tailed Monkey Habitats
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    the Monkey Habitats to Avoid the Monkey Extinction!

    the Monkey Habitats to Avoid the Monkey Extinction!. Maintaining monkey habitats should be done well. As we know that Monkeys often interact with humans through various activities. Among them, monkeys are used as laboratory animals and circus animals. With so many events like that, it makes monkeys misused. Not even a few of them were forcibly captured from their habitat. Not a few impacts from this activity will cause death in large numbers for monkeys. Monkeys are almost extinct due to habitat conversion Lots of hunters who catch monkeys from their habitat without compassion and do not care about its sustainability. Not only that, but the conversion of the habitat…

  • The Interesting Monkey

    The Interesting Monkey Facts, Snow Monkey as a Funny and Amusing Monkey

    The Interesting Monkey Facts, Snow Monkey as a Funny and Amusing Monkey. Do you like monkeys? What do you think of this animal’s behavior? Are there interesting monkey facts? Well, most people like the monkey. It is because mostly, the monkey behavior is usually perfectly adorable. However, the monkeys are always ignorant. But, most people still interact with the monkeys happily. Moreover, the visitors visiting a primate zoo or conservation park will be really spirit to interact with them. So, please be relaxed and calm down if you find some monkeys carrying away the visitors luggage. It is so cute, right? But, do you know that not all monkeys are…

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    5 Region of Southeast Asia Which is a Monkey Habitats

    5 Region of Southeast Asia Which is a Monkey Habitats. Monkey habitats are very easy to find in regions that have a tropical climate. Several countries on this earth have a tropical climate in the region, but most of the countries in the Southeast Asian region have this tropical climate. There are so many types of monkeys that can be found in this region. Whether you find it in poker online tourist attractions or forest areas. But of course, monkeys in the forest are more dangerous than tourist attractions because they are not tame. Therefore, you should be careful when meeting them when exploring the forests in the region of…

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    Monkeys Must be Protected

    Monkeys must be protected from the hands of criminals and monkeys hunters. They need a hero like you. You are tough, bold and strong. It is your destiny to help them survive. Do not be afraid of the hunters because you are the nightmare of the hunters. Show the no mercy. It is the time to protect monkeys. They need your help as the government do not care about it. Be a monkey hero. Get the blessing from Sun Go Kong, the Monkey God. You can be a volunteer in a country that you like most for example Indonesia. You cam work as a volunteer who take care of monkeys…