The Interesting Monkey

The Interesting Monkey Facts, Snow Monkey as a Funny and Amusing Monkey

The Interesting Monkey Facts, Snow Monkey as a Funny and Amusing Monkey. Do you like monkeys? What do you think of this animal’s behavior? Are there interesting monkey facts? Well, most people like the monkey. It is because mostly, the monkey behavior is usually perfectly adorable. However, the monkeys are always ignorant. But, most people still interact with the monkeys happily. Moreover, the visitors visiting a primate zoo or conservation park will be really spirit to interact with them. So, please be relaxed and calm down if you find some monkeys carrying away the visitors luggage. It is so cute, right?

But, do you know that not all monkeys are ignorant? In fact, some kinds of monkeys actually like sitting quietly while relaxing and enjoying the bathing sensation in a hot spring. This monkey is mostly known and called by people as a Snow Monkey that is funny and amusing. Then, what are the interesting and unique facts of this kind of monkey? Well, Snow Monkey or Japanese Macaque has some interesting and unique facts below.

The Interesting Monkey
The Interesting Monkey

Live in the river valley

This kind of monkey which also has another name Japanese Macaque is spread over three main islands in Japan, namely Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. The most famous park as a monkey habitat is Jigokudani Yaenkoen Park in the Yokoyu River Valley.

The Interesting Monkey
The Interesting Monkey

This monkey is famous for being greedy!

The other Snow monkey facts are about the greedy character. Cold temperatures make this monkey have a high appetite and even tend to be greedy. He ate all kinds of fruits, leaves, seeds, bark, and insects. He was so greedy that he was considered a pest by farmers because he often ate their crops.

The Interesting Monkey
The Interesting Monkey

But they are classified as long lives you know

Snow monkey or Japanese macaque has a greater brain volume than other types of monkeys. This makes snow monkeys have dexterity like humans in carrying out various activities including adapting to changing environmental conditions.

This ability makes snow monkeys have a long life span. In fact, in 2015 a female snow monkey named Nikko celebrated her 32nd birthday.

Have caste

Like humans lived in old era, a Snow Monkey herd actually has a caste or social class. Because of this, their access to supply food is regulated. However, any time, this Snow Monkey caste can change step by step. A case experienced by Ono, a female snow monkey who was moved from Japan to Lincoln Park Zoo, United States.

Actually, Ono is included in the middle social class, then, the caste changed immediately because Ono at that time was the snow monkey of female in which after he had transferred from a country of Japan, he was firstly giving birth. The priority to get some food was also given to him from the flock of his.

Having a hobby of Spa and swimming

Because they live along the river, snow monkeys are used to water that makes them adept at swimming. The farthest distance a snow monkey has ever traveled is half a kilometer. In addition, to keep warm at minus temperatures up to -15 ° C, these monkeys are accustomed to soaking in hot springs.

Unlike the other types of monkeys that are active in the trees, snow monkeys prefer to spend most of their time bathing.

Clean freak

In the 1980s, Toshisada Nishida, a primate expert, discovered the unique habits of a female snow monkey named Imo who always washed the tubers that she was about to eat. Imo also teaches this habit to all his flock. The habit of washing food continues to be carried down through generations by snow monkeys until now.

Those are everything about the monkey facts, especially the Snow Monkey.

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