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the Monkey Habitats to Avoid the Monkey Extinction!

the Monkey Habitats to Avoid the Monkey Extinction!. Maintaining monkey habitats should be done well. As we know that Monkeys often interact with humans through various activities. Among them, monkeys are used as laboratory animals and circus animals. With so many events like that, it makes monkeys misused. Not even a few of them were forcibly captured from their habitat. Not a few impacts from this activity will cause death in large numbers for monkeys.

Monkeys are almost extinct due to habitat conversion

Lots of hunters who catch monkeys from their habitat without compassion and do not care about its sustainability. Not only that, but the conversion of the habitat of monkeys in the forest is also more prevalent. Where the location was originally a forest turned into a plantation. And also animal meat trade including monkey meat will be very threatening. Another example is the more frequent forest fires. Where recently occurred in Riau and Kalimantan.

the Monkey Habitats
the Monkey Habitats

This incident is of course very detrimental, in the sense that some animals no longer have adequate shelter. Not a few of the effects of this forest fire incident resulted in several animals, including monkeys, being victims of fire, and found dead. Of course, if this continues, monkeys will experience a decline in species and endangered.

So various efforts to preserve monkeys are now rampant to protect the species and the monkey habitats from extinction. So, what other efforts can be done to preserve and maintain this species? Here are the reviews:

Let's Maintain the
Maintain the

Conserve monkeys and their habitat

Improve Tourism

It is undeniable that monkeys can be very entertaining with their funny behavior. So one of the efforts to keep the monkeys sustainable is to make efforts to increase tourism in one area that is a monkey habitat, which of course is accompanied by not too exploiting their habitat and allowing them to live freely. In this way, it is expected to make monkeys more valuable in the wild.

Let's Maintain the
Maintain the

Increasing Public Awareness

It is fitting for us to protect living things that are around us. Some wildlife lovers’ communities are increasingly socializing to grow and increase public awareness of the importance of preserving monkeys. Empathy is very necessary to be instilled in each of us to appreciate the presence of other living creatures.

Overcoming Dangerous Threats

In efforts to preserve monkeys, it is necessary that various wildlife-loving communities, as well as themselves, make various efforts in overcoming dangerous threats to monkeys. Both habitat protection and the threat of various diseases that could be suffered by monkeys. Based on these good intentions, some communities have taken an action in the form of establishing special conservation for wildlife.

Make a Prohibition

Making a ban, in this case, is to write a ban on hunting monkeys on a board that is placed in the area of animal protection. Although classified as a small action, but if carried out strictly it will produce good results. In some areas, this action has been done to protect the wildlife of the pride of their respective regions. And also on the prohibition board is accompanied by criminal threats if illegal hunting activities continue to be carried out.

Population Development

What is also often done in animal breeding is to develop populations that can be done by artificially mating animals with human assistance. Although this is still rarely done for monkeys, at least population development in this way can increase and also be included in conservation efforts.

Based on the efforts to preserve monkeys and monkey habitats that can be done, it is hoped that there will be an awareness that the forest – which is the monkey habitats and for various animals, is not just decoration for the earth.

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